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Millers Green/Parliament Rooms

Millers Green/Parliament Rooms

Through the thirteenth century gateway lies the inner court of the former St Peter’s Abbey. The name comes from a water mill which stood on a tributary of the River Twyver, near to the location of number 2 Millers Green. At number 1, you will find the Deanery (built around 1740), which officially became the Dean’s residence in 1940.

The timber framed building houses the Parliament Room, where King Richard II held parliament in 1378. The tradition of the monarch holding court in Gloucester goes back to the reign of Edward the Confessor.

These occasions were known as the royal crown-wearing and took place in the three most important centres of Anglo Saxon England: Westminster, Winchester and Gloucester. Following the Norman Conquest, William I continued the tradition, and it was during the Christmas crown wearing of 1085AD that he commissioned the famous Domesday Book, the comprehensive survey of his kingdom.

At number 7 Millers Green, you will find the home of the cathedral organist (a tradition which goes back to the mid-nineteenth century). One of the more famous residents of the late 17th century building was organist and composer Samuel Sebastian Wesley.


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Fun Fact

The Tardis and David Tennant arrived in the City as the archway to Millers Green and the Cathedral precinct was used as the filming location for Doctor Who's 2008 Christmas Special - The Next Doctor. Gloucester’s architecture is popular with film makers with excellently-preserved buildings spanning over 2,000 years of history.


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