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St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church

Established at the end of the twelfth century, St Nicholas of the Bridge at Gloucester (as it was known in 1203) was situated by the crossing of the River Severn and the medieval quayside area.

Because of its closeness to the now-vanished third arm of the river, the church was dedicated to St Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and fishermen.

The Royal Coat of Arms was installed above the south door in 1665 during the reign of Charles II, removed during the reign of his Catholic brother James, and finally restored following the accession of William & Mary.

The church houses some interesting monuments and floor slabs that reflect the diversity of professions in the parish, including mayors and aldermen of the city. It has been redundant since 1975 and is in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust.


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Fun Fact

The tower was built in the early 15th century, with the spire originally rising to 61 metres in height. The uppermost part was struck by Royalist artillery during the English Civil War Siege of Gloucester in 1643, and after repairs, was shortened to half its height to make it more stable. The tower leans to the right as it began moving during construction. Musketball marks can also be seen on the north door from the same conflict.


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